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Frequently Asked Questions

This page will tell you what we expect from you before you submit your work.


We expect your work to be ready to be published, so thoroughly edited and checked for errors. You may have chosen a professional to help with this (some examples of this are below), however, we will accept books that have been edited by an author.

Currently, we don't offer editing services, however, please watch this space as we hope to be accredited soon. For types of editing please see the bottom of this page.


Please format your work as follows:

Fiction - Double-spaced, size 12 font, with the tick box checked in the paragraph box to stop spaces between paragraphs. Please do not include any header or footers.

Poetry - Single-spaced, size 12 font.


We take all genres of fiction and poetry except erotica

We will discuss genre with you if we choose to publish your book

Promoting your book

We will support you in promoting your book, using our social media and with your permission taking your book to book fairs to sell with our other authors books.

We will also encourage cross promotion - so supporting other authors in our catalogue - this creates a greater social media spread and will help to sell your book as well.

Copy Editing

Your work should have been thoroughly copy edited - this checks your work on a line-by-line basis, looking at grammar, spelling, syntax, tense etc. You should be checking for consistency, coherency and give a general overview to ensure it makes sense  - this can be done by yourself or a professional.

Proof Editing

This is the final check - this looks at the tiny details that may get missed, such as words that may not get picked up by spell check and formatting issues. Again, this can be done by yourself or a professional proof editor.

Other Editing

There are other types of editing available, such as developmental editing and content editing but these are used less in the publishing industry. If you would like guidance of where to find or what to look for in an editor we can help with that, if you feel your book needs that extra step.

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Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

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Thanks for contacting us - we aim to get back to you within 5 working days

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