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Unforgettable by RE Loten

There are first loves and there are last loves. But what happens when they overlap?Tom Blythe falls in love quickly. He fell for Olivia the first time they met. The same thing happens when he meets Grace. The problem is: Tom is still in love with Olivia.Pulled in two different directions, Tom has a choice to make. He knows he’s unhappy, but is that enough for him to forget the vows he made? Both women have difficult pasts and Tom is desperate to help them, but at what cost?Can he let Olivia go and commit his future to Grace? Or will the pull of the past prove too strong?

Max - The Brightlingsea Cat

by Henrietta Edwards

Everyone in Brightlingsea knows Max. Now, Henrietta Edwards and Lucy Weaver have joined forces to bring you the first book to feature Max and his adventures.


Max loves to meet new people, but what exactly does he get up to on his daily missions?

And what happens when one day, he goes missing?


This is the first in a new series of books starring Max and his friends.

Reign of the Winter King by Henrietta Edwards

Everyone knows the stories of Robin Hood and King Arthur.

Everyone knows they’re just legends.
But what if everyone is wrong?
While Sam, Henry and Arthur think they’re going to spend their summer holiday with Uncle Alan, their adventurous relative has other plans. The Silver Arrow has gone missing, and Robin has been kidnapped.

The race is on to find the arrow and rescue Robin, before others beat them to it. Who can be trusted? One wrong move and disaster is sure to follow!

This series is perfect for fans of Susan Cooper’s ‘The Dark Is Rising’ series.

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Dipping Your Toes

an anthology of short stories by Brightlingsea Lido

An anthology bursting with talent - the creative pieces have come from the very young to the very old of Brightlingsea and beyond – as writers have come together to celebrate ninety years of Brightlingsea Lido.

‘Dipping Your Toes’ contains short stories, poems, reminiscences and creative non-fiction all centred around or inspired by, Brightlingsea Lido. There are stories to make you laugh, ones to make you cry and some that will present an unusual picture of Brightlingsea!

The Silent Pool & Other Stories

By RE Loten

A collection of short stories that dispel the myth of 'what you see is what you get'.

·       Bored housewives masquerade as glamorous women.

·       The older generation hanker after lost loves.

·       The suave sophisticated gentleman has a darker, hidden side to his character.

People conceal their true natures from the outside world and this collection of stories examines the truth behind the public image.


By RE Loten


Avonstow is at war, but it’s a friendly invasion that forces deeply held secrets to emerge. The arrival of the Australian engineers upsets the equilibrium of the wartime village, while the commander of the village’s naval base is convinced a spy is lurking in their midst. The consequences are far greater than anyone might have imagined.



Ellie Whitemore travels to Avonstow after her great-uncle’s body is discovered on the salt marshes near the town. She sets about unravelling her family’s past and finds that their fortunes are inextricably linked with those of the town itself. But there is always a price to pay when secrets are unearthed.

Why Would You Go Through There?

An anthology of creative writing

by selected writers

Seven Writers. A dozen writing prompts. Twelve months.
When members of the Open University Write Club rose to a challenge to each write a short
story or poem every month in response to a prompt, they couldn’t imagine the wide variety of
pieces that would emerge.
Why Would You Go Through There? is a collection of creative, individual shorts, across a
range of genres and styles. Often, they have nothing in common with each other beyond the
prompt that was the spark of inspiration.
This anthology is to recognise, in the current economic crisis, many people are struggling to
keep putting food on their plates from one month to the next. It is also to celebrate the work
of the Trussell Trust, supporting over 1,200 food banks, challenging the structural economic
issues that lock people in poverty, and campaigning for change to end hunger and poverty in
the UK.
100% of the profits from sales of this book will go to The Trussell Trust.
The Charity was not involved in writing, collating, or publishing the book, and is not
responsible for any of the content within.


A Cinque Port Collection

An anthology of creative writing

by Brightwords

This collection of poetry and prose reflects both Brightlingsea’s maritime heritage and the modern, busy little town it is today. Like the people, the contents of the anthology are varied. At times they are complex, at times, funny. They shine from the creativity the town exudes. The town’s coastal location has long encouraged adventure and exploration; a reaching out into the world at large. Similarly the anthology takes the road out of the town from the security of its home.


The Solstice Baby 

& Other Stories

By JM Langan

Queens, shoplifters, murderers, teenage lovers or menopausal women, all pass through

the pages of JM Langan's anthology of short stories and flash fiction.

You will pause to consider how repetitive the world can be when reading The Self-Cleaning Woman and wonder at the possibility of magic in The Golden Arrows.

The Solstice Baby will take you on one couple’s heart rendering journey to hold a child of their own in their arms.

But if you prefer a bit of a chill, try Green Stones.

For blood and gore, The Butchers Tattoo will do the trick.

Whether you have five minutes or an hour, you’ll find something within these pages to fill your imagination.

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