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We are open for submissions!

When You Submit

Colorful Books



Submit the first three chapters (or 10K words) and a synopsis (this should be one page long). If we would like to see more, we will ask for your manuscript. If we decide not to accept your novel we will contact you and explain why. This process takes approximately three months from submission.

Please email submissions to



Please send a selection of your poetry (between 10 - 20 poems) with a synopsis discussing the themes and the number of poems your book would contain.

If we would like to see more we will ask to see all the poems for your book. If we choose not to accept your poetry we will contact you and explain why. This process takes approximately three months.

Please email submissions to


Next Steps

This applies to both Poetry and Novels.

If we think your book would be a good fit for us, we will request the full manuscript. We may decide it needs further work before we can publish it, but if we believe it is ready for publication, we will send you further details and an estimated price - we believe each book is unique so the costs will be specific to your book.

Colorful Books


How do we Publish?

When it comes to publication, we will format your book and upload it onto the KDP website. We will upload your cover separately and ensure that all margins etc are correct. Your book will be given a Castle Priory Press ISBN number and the price set (we will help you to decide on a realistic selling price). You will then be sent a proof copy to approve.


Your Cover

If you have a cover for your book and it is formattable - Great. If not we can help with this


Final Steps

When you have approved the book, you can let us know how many author copies you want and we will send you an invoice, then order your author copies (no minimum) and send them to you, ready for you to sell them.

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